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Services and Pricing

I offer a wide range of photographic services for you, your family, team, and/or business.

- Sports/Action: Football, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball 

- Portraits: Family portraits for any occasion, Graduation pictures

- Real Estate: photos for listing on MLS can be directly uploaded if you choose

For existing pictures on this site:

1. Prints
I have chosen a professional photo lab to print your images. After you select the images you would like printed, I will be informed of your order. After a final proof, I will submit your order and it will be shipped directly to your home. Prices for prints and other picture products (albums, calendars, coffee mugs, shirts, etc) are detailed when you place photos in your “Shopping Cart”.

2. Digitial Images

You have the ability of purchasing the digital image file and copyright to each digital file. With purchase, you receive the original high resolution .jpg file. With the digital image and copyright, you can print as many photos as you want at any photo lab you choose. You can save it to your computer, email to friends, and even make it into your own screen saver. This can be very cost effective if you were to make Christmas cards this season!

A Service for Free! for a Limited Time Only

3. Online Photo Sharing You have the ability to share your favorite pictures directly to your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)!! Choose any number of photos that you like and upload/share them on your favorite social website. Available for a limited time.

4. On Location Photo Shoot: The best way to capture unique action shots of an individual athlete is to schedule a private or semi-private photo shoot. Throughout an entire game or match, I will be able to collect a variety of photos that will highlight concentration, skill, speed, and athleticism. Additionally, I always strive to capture those candid moments that express the highs and lows of competition. Because I will be concentrating on only a few subjects each game, you will have the option of choosing from 10-12 high quality images for print and/or digital download. 

The majority of the images currently posted are NOT edited. You will have the ability to crop/edit your photos here. I will then have the ability to double check ensure you are getting the highest quality image resolution. Customized prints that require advanced processing is also available. 

Fees are based upon the number of athletes being photographed.

One Person/Game: $150/ea
Two Persons/Game: $120/ea
Three to Five Persons/Game: $90/ea

$40 Print Credit! :
Included in the cost of each Photo Shoot will the option of three packages:

Option #1
1 8x10 Color glossy photo
4 5x7 Color glossy photos
(up to 5 images)

Option #2 
2 8x10 Color glossy photos
2 5x7 Color glossy photos (Up to 4 images)

Option #3 2 5x7 Color glossy photos
12 Wallet size glossy photos
(Up to 5 images)

Additional prints will be available for you to order.  

Unique processing requests can be addressed on an order by order basis.